Fionna becomes part of the 2021/22 cohort of Sustainability Leadership Fellows!

Fionna will be part of the 2021/22 cohort of Sustainability Leadership Fellows! Through this fellowship, she will have the opportunity to learn from science journalists about how scientists can successfully communicate to the public. Fionna plans to go into a career focused on science communication; this opportunity will help her connect with and learn from …
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Paper published!

Sam published her first-author paper “Nanoconfinement Raises the Energy Barrier to Hydrogen Atom Exchange between Water and Glucose” in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. In this paper, Sam discusses how she was able to determine the energy barrier of hydrogen exchange between glucose and water using reverse micelles and temperature regulated NMR. She found …
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Communication Published!

Fionna published a first-author communication titled “Non-Uniform Distribution of Cryoprotecting Agents in Rice Culture Cells Measured by CARS Microscopy” in the journal Plants on March 21, 2021! In the communication, Fionna demonstrates our ability to directly observe deuterated DMSO sequestering within organelles, rather than being uniformly distributed through the cells. This demonstrates that different organelles …
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