As a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University, Nancy has strong interest and talent in teaching and education.  She has been involved in a range of teaching projects at CSU and beyond.

Physical Chemistry Groupwork activities

Noticing difficulty that students have with some material in physical chemistry, Nancy has created a series of guided-learning worksheets to help students master key concepts in quantum mechanics and spectroscopy.  Many of these can be found on the Chemistry LibreTexts website.

Some useful teaching tools

PhET – excellent source of online simulations to teach chemistry, physics and more concepts.

The Orbitron – visualization of atomic orbitals

Symmetry at Otterbein – visualization of molecular symmetry and symmetry operations

How to curve an exam – statistical discussion of different ways to curve grades

Teaching Practices Inventory – a self-reporting teaching evaluation completed by instructors to reveal teaching effectiveness. Developed by Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert.

Science is Fun – Bassam Shakashiri’s website with many chemistry demonstrations