Graduate Student Showcase and VPR 3 min. thesis

Sam and Fionna participated in the 2019 Graduate Student Showcase, presenting their current research to their peers, faculty, and the public. Having impressed the judges with their pitches, both Sam and Fionna were invited to compete with 40+ other graduate students to become Vice President of Research (VPR) fellows. The challenge: condense their research into a 3 minute pitch with one accompanying slide, all of which must be accessible to the broader public. The 3 Minute Challenge will be held February 10, 2020 in the LSC Longs Peak Room, from 12-4 pm.

Sam Miller presenting her poster, “Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to Track Single Hydrogen Exchange between Glucose and Water”

Fionna Samuels presenting her poster, “Investigation of Cryoprotectant Permeation and Localization in Living Plant Cells”