Pokémon Pictures

Description and Notes

Pokémon are colored by type. For Pokémon that have multiple types, the primary type was used. The far left column shows the ellipsoid from which eccentricity is measured from different angles. The ellipsoid is rotated so that it aligns with the Pokémon’s principal axes. The center column shows the convex hull of the Pokémon, the original model being used, and all of the collected data on the Pokémon. The right column shows a heatmap of curvature from a number of different angles. Note that the curvature heatmap needed to be “normalized” to some degree, and the option that ended up working best, in my opinion, was to use the lower and upper quartile as the maximum values (reported in the textbox). This is an extremely narrow range of curvatures and is hardly ever actually symmetric about 0. Therefore, just because it’s purple does not mean that portion of the Pokémon has negative curvature, nor does it mean that it has the same curvature as the purple on another Pokémon.

I apologize for the size of the images. I’ve tried multiple options to allow a zoom feature without success. The full image is actually fairly high resolution so you can open the image in a new tab to see the images better.


We are scientists. We are Pokémon Researchers. We are not graphic designers or animators. We can only do work on the models that are available. In order to help produce less artifacts, a smoothing process was used on the pointsets. If you would prefer an image of a Pokémon in a more natural stance, please provide us with an STL file (preferably with relatively high poly/many points), and we can update the images. Along those lines, the pool we collected models from was missing a few. Current missing models are: Ghastly (092), Hypno (097), Exeggutor (103). I would also like to point out that we are restricting our studies strictly to the Kanto region at this time. This has already provided us with huge amounts of research to sift through and data to compile. We ask that you respect our choice at this time.

There are currently several known issues:

  • Some models made from multiple objects have holes in them caused by the smoothing I used. Notably, Diglet. I plan to fix this by reuploading the file without smoothing.
  • Several characters are not displaying properly in their side view. Reasons are being investigated.
  • Voltorb and Electrode have erroneous ellipsoids and eccentricities. This has to do with how I compute the moments of inertia and how the models were received. Basically, the position where the eyes should be have almost triple the number of points of the rest of the body, which is computed as the eyes being about 3x as dense as they should be. Fixed figures will be uploaded soon.

We do not own the rights to Pokémon.

All models were obtained from the website linked below. Submitters, who are presumably also the artists behind the models, are listed on the website. A list of all submitters, although not every one contributed to every model, is given below:

  • Random Talking Bush
  • Theben
  • Mystie